cash for mortgages
Pacific Union Funding specializes in the purchase of real estate notes, land contracts, trust deeds secured by residential and commercial real estate Nationwide. 

Pacific Union Funding pays for the following instruments:

  • Cash for mortgages
  • Cash for seller financed notes
  • Cash for wrap around mortgages
  • Cash for all inclusive trust deeds (AITDs)
  • Cash for seller financed real estate notes
  • Cash for Land contracts
  • Cash for trust deeds or deeds of trust
  • Residential mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages

What is an owner financed Real Estate Note?
A real estate note is typically created with the sale of a home as the owner decides to act as a bank to facilitate the transaction. (A real estate note is referred to as a land contract, trust deed, owner financed mortgage, a contract for sale, an all inclusive trust deed (AITD), seller financed promissory note, owner carry back, etc.). 

As time goes by, the now note holder might decide that he/she will prefer to have all cash now instead of having to wait years to receive his/her money.

The always danger of delinquency lingers even if the payments are always made on time. To stop worrying about this and few other issues many note holders are opting to sell all or just part of their notes.

We at Pacific Union Funding, help ease their decision by making the process a simple one.  We pay cash for land contracts, mortgages and trust deeds Nationwide. 

We also tailor-fit our offers to meet the customer's needs NOT ours.

The process starts when you submit your Note figures to us via our online application or when you call us requesting a quote.

It is important to know that for Pacific Union Funding to provide an accurate figure, the note holder needs to provide with as much and as concise information as he/she can. This will prevent later headaches created by undisclosed or unknown important information.


Most people have no idea they can sell their payments and receive instant CASH!

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